astuce In case of error, you can fully reinitialize your modem by clicking to button below.


This page is used to setup and monitor your network configuration.


Network Configuration

This is the current network configuartion assigned by your ISP. (If you are using Static IP addressing, this configuration matches the Cable Network Settings, below. )


Cable Network Settings

Your ISP has choose the DHCP mode and allocate you a dynamic IP Address.

You could choose IP dynamic mode or L2TP (DHCP) mode, in this case yiou have to enter the "PPP User Name" , "PPP Password" and "L2TP Server" provide by ISP.


DNS Address

You could choose to use different DNS Server. in this case enter "Primary" & "Secondary" IP Address and enable "Use this DNS servers" .

Warning: if you use "L2TP(dhcp)" mode you can 't change your DNS.


Click Apply when you finish changing the settings.


NETWORK / BASIC SETTINGS / WAN Network Configuration


Your IP address
Lease Time D: 00 H: 01 M: 18 S: 00
Subnet mask
Default Gateway
Primary DNS
Seconday DNS

Connection : Dynamic IP
DNS (Domain Name Server)
Get Automatically from ISP
Use these DNS servers
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS